Ivy Fioretti

Ivy Fioretti

Ivy is a Paralegal in the Personal Injury division, having retired from her previous career as an attorney and mediator in Seattle, Washington. Ivy appreciates the intelligence, compassion, professionalism, and experience of the Lowenthal & Lowenthal team.

About Ivy

In the course of raising her seven children, Ivy indulged her wide-ranging interests in everything from skiing and hiking to art, creative linguistics, music, gardening, and travel. When the surf documentary, “Step Into Liquid” came out, she caught the surfing bug (which was already lying dormant in her DNA, as her father was a Waikiki surfer in the 1940’s). But as she lived in Seattle, she improvised by converting from skiing to snowboarding, building a skate ramp in the backyard, and paddle boarding on Lake Washington. After twenty years, she finally broke free and moved to Maui, where she hopes to become the surfer she always dreamed of being. Meanwhile, she raises bananas and chickens in Haiku.