Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Maui

Our Maui motorcycle accident attorneys represent riders injured in negligently caused accidents.

Motorcycles give their riders a unique experience of speed, wind, and power. Opening up the throttle on an open Haleakala Highway gives you a thrill that no other vehicle can.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Maui boasts many motorcycle enthusiasts. They love the open space and hills along with out of the way trails with beautiful natural settings.

One advantage of owning a motorcycle in Hawaii is low insurance costs. The Motorcycle Legal Foundation publishes a list of insurance costs in every state. Hawaii averages $540 annually for basic insurance. That’s amongst the lowest in the country.

As you read below, motorcycles tend to get into more accidents than cars. We’re here to give you some safety tips and what to do if you ever get into a motorcycle accident in Maui.

motorcycle accident attorneys

Lowenthal & Lowenthal offers over 40 years of legal experience in Maui. We’re a family-owned law firm serving clients we treat like family.

As experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Maui, we see many accident victims.

Hawaii motorcycle laws require that drivers and passengers under the age of 18 must wear a helmet with a chin strap. Children under 7 years old cannot ride on motorcycles. Also, motorcycle drivers must get a license like a motor vehicle driver.

Motorcycle accidents in Maui happen all the time. But, the types of injuries motorcycle riders experience become more serious and life-threatening than cars. Especially when the driver does not wear a helmet.

Beautiful Maui offers motorcyclists a stunning landscape to ride in. But, it also provides risky dense spots for driving like in Lahaina and Kahului.

Getting injured in a motorcycle accident on Maui triggers many insurance claims with legal deadlines.

Our Maui motorcycle injury attorneys will seek compensation for your injuries. Including medical care, lost wages or income, and for your pain and suffering.

what's involved in a motorcycle accident claim in maui?

Like all accidents, you must first identify how your accident occurred and who’s responsible. Depending on the motorcycle accident we look at the following suspects. The other driver of the vehicle you collided with. Or, other drivers if many vehicles got involved with your accident. Pedestrians if one or more walked in front of your motorcycle. Jaywalkers sometimes appear from nowhere. Under Hawaii laws, you must try to avoid hitting them. If you tried and couldn’t the jaywalker becomes liable for failing to follow the law. Government agencies if poorly maintained road conditions caused your accident. An unreasonably dangerous road condition causing injuries leads to liability on the government agencies overseeing roadway maintenance. Motorcycle designers where a faulty motorcycle design caused the accident. We call this a “products liability” claim in your lawsuit. Motorcycle manufacturers installing faulty parts like brakes or steering mechanisms caused the accident. Another product liability claim on your behalf. Your mechanic who negligently installed parts that didn’t work caused your accident. Once we help you to establish the liable parties we review what they did or didn’t do. This leads us to determine whether “negligence” occurred. Negligence means that someone failed to act reasonably which caused your injuries. Every claim needs an experienced personal injury lawyer to review all the facts about an injury to see if negligence occurred. Let our Maui motorcycle accident lawyers review your accident. We’ll determine if negligence caused your injuries. Call us at 808.242.5000 You Pay No Fees until We Win Your Case

what to do after a motorcycle accident in maui

The shock you experience after a motorcycle accident sometimes causes an adrenaline rush. Try to relax and stay calm.

Follow these steps to help yourself and your claim when involved in a motorcycle accident in Maui.

When you calm down and it’s safe to do so call 911 or the local police to report the accident. This becomes important. That’s because the police will interview witnesses, examine the accident scene, and issue an accident report.

The accident report becomes an important document for your claim. It provides a summary of the parties involved and what they did. The report also places fault individually or more parties. A traffic violation ticket issued to the other driver (and not you) creates evidence in your favor.

While waiting for the police to arrive, take the time to get evidence in your favor. Talk to the witnesses to see if they felt the other driver was responsible. Get their full names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Take many photos of the accident scene, your motorcycle damages, and the other vehicle. Photograph all road warning signs and barriers. Also, take photos of the road’s condition. Photograph potholes, poor weather conditions, or recent construction activities.

Photos come in handy. They help witnesses remember what they saw and to contradict any false claims made by the other driver.

Stay calm when your body goes into shock. It’s natural to feel an adrenaline rush.

When the ambulance and medics arrive let them make an examination of your injuries. If they recommend going to a hospital allow them.

Tell the doctors and nurses about every pain or discomfort you feel. They will make notes about your condition which comes in handy to support your claim. Allow them to provide you with all the x-rays, scans, and tests they ask for. You need a complete examination to find out what injuries you incurred. Take all prescriptions they offer you.

Attend every therapy and follow-up treatment after you leave the hospital. They will help you to recover. Also, they document the state and recovery of your injuries. Don’t stop the treatment sessions until the medical staff tells you to.

Expect lots of stress when you deal with insurance claims forms. Also, insurance adjusters looking out for their company rather than you. Avoid all this stress by hiring a lawyer to deal with these.

If an insurance adjuster contacts you, don’t reply other than to state he or she needs to talk with your attorney.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Maui offer you a locally-based law firm with deep community roots. Let us do all the work for you. We’ll prepare all the insurance claim forms and file them for you.

Then, we’ll negotiate with the insurance companies adjusters. Our goal is to get you fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost income.

If the negotiations fail, we’ll file a lawsuit seeking justice and full compensation for you.

motorcycle accident personal injury protection benefits

Hawaii law requires automobile accident insurance policies to provide a minimum of $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. The PIP pays for your medical expenses.

If the $10,000 gets used up with medical costs the law allows you to seek further compensation from the negligent “at fault” driver’s insurance carrier.

Beware, Hawaii motorcycle insurance coverage does not require PIP benefits. It’s only an option purchased separately. So, if you get involved in a motorcycle accident contact your automobile insurance company to see if its PIP benefits will pay your medical bills. If not, contact your personal health insurance company.

Filing a Lawsuit requires that your injuries reach a “tort threshold” of at least $5,000 worth of PIP benefits paid to medical providers. If you did not buy the PIP option with your motorcycle insurance, you must pay $5,000 to your medical providers before filing a lawsuit for your injuries. 


Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Compensation

As a “No-Fault” insurance state, Hawaii makes each party’s insurance company pay for their medical costs.

Only serious injuries with costs beyond the insurance coverage limits allow seeking further compensation from the “at fault” party.

how our attorneys can help after a motorcycle accident

When you become our client we will oversee your PIP claim process. First, to see if your automobile policy covers motorcycle accidents. Then, to make sure your PIP pays all your medical bills promptly and fully. If your PIP becomes exhausted, we’ll work with your personal health insurance company to pay your medical bills. Speak to a motorcycle accident attorney in Maui. Your Free Consultation involves no obligations Call us at 808.242.5000 You Pay No Fees until We Win Your Case
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