jacob k. lowenthal

founder | managing partner

Born and raised on the North Shore of Maui, Jacob comes from a family lineage of attorneys. Son of renowned trial attorney, Philip Lowenthal, Jacob has dedicated his practice to vigorously representing his clients while upholding the highest standards of ethics.

Jacob is the former President of the Maui County Bar Association. He has successfully argued in front of the Hawaii Supreme Court, securing Hawaii citizens’ right to film police while they conduct traffic stops in public. He has represented a wide swath of clients from minor children to billionaires.

the attorney-client relationship

Over the years, Jacob has honed his practice to focus on the needs of those injured. Despite having secured millions of dollars in compensation for his clients, his practice is rooted in the idea that representation is more than just compensation.

From counseling clients about their medical treatment, to helping them navigate through the insurance maze, Jacob is dedicated to ensuring that his clients benefit from a tenacious advocate during one of the most critical times of their lives. Jacob’s promise is to be a partner in those trying times, one who takes the guesswork out of the next step in every case. When he takes your case, you become part of the Lowenthal family.



growing up on maui

Jacob was born and raised in upcountry Maui, growing up in the Haiku valley once infamously known as the Banana Patch, a counter-culture community sold to Jacob’s father Philip Lowenthal in the early 1970s.

Jacob’s rugged upbringing in what he calls “the ditch”–romping through bamboo forests and catching crawfish in a nearby stream–was juxtaposed by his father’s demands. Jacob and his brother Benjamin were taught to “use their words” instead of their fists, and how to think critically. Looking back, Jacob can appreciate how he was taught to think: “He raised us the only way he knew how–like lawyers.”

Jacob met Erin–his wife and co-founder/managing partner of Lowenthal & Lowenthal–in law school. After convincing her to move back to his hometown, he and Erin established Lowenthal & Lowenthal as one of Maui’s most premier law firms.

Jacob and Erin have two children, Jack and Lily. They live a stone’s throw away from where Jacob grew up.

core values

Unwavering Commitment

When Jacob is your attorney, he will do everything possible to ensure your case is maximized to it's fullest extent and potential. He will keep you informed of every development, every step of the way, and make sure you understand the whole process.

Taking It To Trial

Many times, there is pressure to simply settle a case for a quick resolution and to avoid a trial because of fear. But Jacob is a trained trial attorney, and he is not afraid of taking your case to trial if necessary.

Empowering Clients

Jacob goes to great lengths to explain the legal process to his clients, and will always put major decisions in their hands. He understands that this is your life, and that these decisions will affect you, possibly for the rest of your life.

Part Of The Family

When you hire Jacob as your lawyer, you are not just getting an attorney. You are receiving a skilled advocate, someone to listen to your grievances, and someone who can counsel you beyond just your case. You are joining an ohana that cares for your well being.