Can You Sue for Negligent Hotel Security in Hawaii?

A top priority of any good hotel is property security. Failure to maintain safety standards may lead to violent crimes committed against guests and staff. The hotel owner is potentially liable for injuries incurred by crime victims on the premises, especially if the hotel has inadequate security measures in place.

If you are a victim of a crime due to negligent hotel security in Hawaii, you might have a case against the hotel if you sustained injuries. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Hawaii can give you insight as to whether you have a case. You also you may find the information below to be helpful if you find yourself in such a situation.

Security Responsibilities of Hotels

Hotel owners and managers are responsible for providing reasonably safe facilities. Types of considerations under this requirement include:

  • Keeping hallways and walkways well-lit and clear;
  • Posting signs indicating hazardous areas; and
  • Taking security precautions to prevent crime

There are many ways in which hotels accomplish their safety goals. However, the size, geographic location, and revenue of the property often affect the strategies deployed by hotel management.


Proving Hotel Security Negligence

Lawsuits against hotel owners for negligent security are known as premises liability cases. Premises liability cases require your attorney to prove four things to a judge or jury:

  • The hotel had a responsibility toward you to provide reasonable security, and;
  • Hotel management, owners, or staff failed to meet this duty, and;
  • You suffered damages; and
  • Your damages were caused by the hotel’s failure..

Consulting with a licensed personal injury lawyer in Hawaii is critical in helping you prove your case. He or she can devise a strategy point-for-point to ensure you make up for what you lost upon winning your claim against the hotel owner.

Types of Crimes that Fall Under Hotel Premises Liability

Theoretically, a hotel owner is responsible for almost any crime that takes place during your visit to the property. Keep in mind that some cases are easier to prove than others. As long as your lawyer can prove that the hotel acted with negligence, you might be able to win your claim against the owner.

Types of cases that a hotel may be liable for include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Shootings
  • Battery
  • Murder

While the preceding list is not exhaustive, there are other ways in which a hotel is responsible for your injuries caused by negligent security. Victims of any crime committed on the property may have a case. Speaking with a lawyer is the best way to determine the probability of winning your case against the owner.

Hiring a Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer

Victims of negligent hotel security do not have to pick up the pieces of their lives all on their own. You should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Personal injury claims must be filed within strict time limits. It is frustrating to lose out on compensation because of a technicality of the law. While no amount of money can change what happened to you, legal assistance is available to help make you whole again.

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